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Journey By Heart: Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia

Journey By Heart: Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia is an intimate view of Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay (ASEB), an extraordinary adult day health care program committed to the ideas that individuals with Alzheimer's and other conditions of memory decline can continue to lead full, rich lives and should be cared for with love and respect.

ASEB's innovative and comprehensive approach is revealed through the perspectives of caregivers, staff, and program participants. For families caring for a loved one at home, ASEB provides both a nurturing lifeline and a system of support. For people who are losing the ability to communicate, ASEB speaks the language of the creative spirit by encouraging expression and connection through art.

This award winning video provides an ideal (and reproducible) model of care for adult day programs that better the lives of persons with Alzheimer's and provide the necessary respite for their family caregivers. Through an upbeat willingness to engage the person with dementia where they are, this video shows the powerful benefits of stimulating, connecting with, and embracing the person's creative spirit through music, dance, art, quilting, holistic 'move and stretch' exercises, and other forms of self-expression. An inspiring testament to how much persons with dementia can still contribute and share with others, the video will give family caregivers hope, and encourage the highest and best quality of life for persons in various stages of dementia.

Produced by d-Facto Film Studio; Directed and filmed by Michelle Paymar; Executive producer is Kate Scannell.

"'Journey by Heart' gives an uplifting and honest view of the spirit, creativity and individuality of those among us with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. It convincingly demonstrates the value of Adult Day Health Care and refutes the widespread belief that "nothing can be done" to heal and support the minds and hearts of our relatives, friends, spouses and partners living the reality of dementia."

Richard D. Della Penna MD
Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Aging Network
National Board of Directors, Alzheimer's Association

"'Journey by Heart' is a sweet, wonderful film...Contrary to our stereotype of what it might be like to care for people with dementia, the feeling is almost joyful... At ASEB people with dementia are accepted and treated as they truly are - much more than their dementia...it is a place where - as staff members say in the film - the supportive environment allows clients to be as fulfilled as they can be. I am proud that we have such a service in our community. A sincere thank you to Dr. Kate Scannell and Michelle Paymar for showcasing this gem."

Guy Micco, MD
Clinical Professor UC Berkeley - UC San Francisco
Joint Medical Program
Director, UC Berkeley Academic Geriatric Resource
Center (Center on Aging)
Co-Director, UC Berkeley Center for Medicine, the
Humanities, and Law

Aurora Awards - Platinum - Best of Show
Hugo Award - Silver - INTERCOM, Chicago Film Festival
Best of Festival - Documentary - Berkeley Film Festival
Hermes Creative Award - Gold
New York Film Festivals - Silver Award
Davey Award - Silver
Telly Award - Bronze
Accolade Competion - Award of Excellence
Chris Awards - Bronze - Film Council Of Greater Columbus

Film Festivals:
Chicago International Film Festival - INTERCOM
Berkeley Video & Film Festival
Heart of Gold Film Festival, Australia