Selected Works

Flood Stage -- A Novel (2010)
NOVEL, INTERCONNECTED STORIES: Torrential rains pour into Thalburg Canyon. A catastrophic flood overtakes its community, and the interconnected stories of the canyon residents are acted out on center stage. A paralyzed woman, exhausted by her life, plans an opportune death in the flood. A young boy is transformed after his mother salvages his amputated finger. Couples drift together and apart over old affairs and insurance coverage mistakes. A man burdened by a toxic secret struggles for atonement as the flood encroaches upon his final opportunity for redemption. Together, these stories portray a series of unique personal histories caught up in a universal human drama.

Death of the Good Doctor -- Lessons from the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic (1999)
MEMOIR: Kate Scannell abandonned her academic career in 1985 to enter an ordinary medical practice in Northern California. Instead, she found herself assigned to an AIDS ward where much of the medicine she had learned over many difficult years was made irrelevant.

A Soldier's Story -- World War II and the Battle at Sessenheim, France (2011) by John T. "Jack" Scannell; Edited by Kate A. Scannell
ORAL HISTORY:A Soldier's Story—World War II and the Battle at Sessenheim, France offers a gripping personal account of one soldier's combat experiences on the bloody battlefields of France and Germany during the months preceding the Allies' 1945 victory in Europe.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, Reviewed by Kate Scannell
BOOK REVIEW: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
Crown Publishers, New York, NY, 2010, 369 pages, $26.00.
Pre-Print copy for the Journal of Legal Medicine
Reviewed by Kate Scannell, M.D., F.A.C.P.*

Journalist Rebecca Skloot’s new book is a gripping read that embodies all abstractions about research ethics in a compelling tale about Henrietta Lacks – a woman whose microscopic cancerous cells shook the world’s medical establishment in 1951.

Doubtless, before the publication of this book, few people outside of medical or research circles would have recognized that name. But for many of us insiders, “Henrietta Lacks” routinely and mysteriously figured into our witnessing of major medical advances within the last six decades, into ground-breaking discoveries about cancer treatments and the Salk polio vaccine, into the daily routines of many lone scientists sitting endless hours at their research benches in companionship with her “immortal” cells.

I first “encountered” Henrietta Lacks in the early 1980s – (more)

Sample Online Opinion and Medical Columns
More than fourteen of syndicated medical opinion columns about the sociopolitical and ethical dimensions of American health care. (For current examples, see "Medical Blog.")

Journey By Heart: Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia
Journey By Heart: Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia is an award-winning DVD documentary featuring an ideal model of care for adult day programs which enriches the lives of persons with Alzheimer's and their families.

Journey by Heart gives an uplifting and honest view of the spirit, creativity and individuality of those among us with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. It convincingly demonstrates the value of Adult Day Health Care and refutes the widespread belief that "nothing can be done" to heal and support the minds and hearts of our relatives, friends, spouses and partners living the reality of dementia.
--Richard D. Della Penna MD
National Board of Directors, Alzheimer's Association

Journey by Heart is a sweet, wonderful film...Contrary to our stereotype of what it might be like to care for people with dementia, the feeling is almost joyful... At ASEB people with dementia are accepted and treated as they truly are - much more than their is a place where - as staff members say in the film - the supportive environment allows clients to be as fulfilled as they can be. I am proud that we have such a service in our community. A sincere thank you to Dr. Kate Scannell and Michelle Paymar for showcasing this gem.
--Guy Micco, MD
Clinical Professor UC Berkeley - UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program

Aurora Awards - Platinum - Best of Show
Hugo Award - Silver - INTERCOM, Chicago Film Festival
Best of Festival - Documentary - Berkeley Film Festival
Hermes Creative Award - Gold
New York Film Festivals - Silver Award
Davey Award - Silver
Telly Award - Bronze
Accolade Competion - Award of Excellence
Chris Awards - Bronze - Film Council Of Greater Columbus

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