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Remembering Robin Williams

September 2, 2014

Tags: Robin Williams, death, suicide, depression, Parkinson

By Dr. Kate Scannell, Syndicated columnist
First published in print: 08/24/2014

Nearly everyone at the table last week had a personal story to tell about Robin Williams. That surprised me a little, because this gathering of friends was so diverse -- and so Oakland. One person talked about Williams coming over to shake hands with her then-young son who, awestruck and shy, had spotted Williams from afar at a local museum. Another recalled the time Williams broke away from some assembly to help our cane-dependent friend -- yes --- cross the street. A psychotherapist said that most of her clients had talked about Williams' death throughout the week with sadness and affection. And I relayed my story of meeting Williams and his family on a beach many years ago -- they could not have been friendlier to me. (more…)

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