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Dr. Kate Scannell: Should employers be allowed to ban smokers from jobs?

March 31, 2013

Tags: hiring ban, smokers, tobacco-free hiring, employees, cigarettes, Vatican, Mark Twain, hiring policies exclude smokers

By Kate Scannell, Syndicated columnist
First published in print: 03/29/2013

The Vatican is the only place I know where evidence of smoke can signal positive job news. Instead, as paired essays in the New England Journal of Medicine attest, employers are increasingly searching for evidence of tobacco smoke in job seekers to deny them jobs.

The authors of those essays neatly lay out opposing arguments to either support or denounce hiring policies that exclude smokers from employment consideration. Their thoughtfulness, civility, and adherence to actual facts provide a refreshing break from the smoke-blowing in much of the current public debate. (more…)

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